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Main : Death & Dying

Just So You Know You Know
  by: Patrick, Source Unknown

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[A man facing death leaves this for his wife]

"Your love is priceless, that is the best part of you that nothing could buy, or replace.

"I recall that look in your eye, when I stood there saying, dance now or never, and I knew then you had a love that would last forever... all I had to do was find it, and tell you it would be ok.

"It was, and is... and while I can never put into words what that meant to me, know that it was returned, with a little interest thrown in.

"Maybe we could have done better, in areas of worldly things; but never consider for a moment that I have any regrets, or would do anything different where it comes to you.

"Know too that I will miss you, as you miss me... and be waiting for you to join me; until then, eternal love will never let us part, and when I see you again, try to have the same look in your eyes... but wipe that smirk off, please... I never did believe it, oh silly me."

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