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Main : Death & Dying

They Don't Know What to Say
  by: Alice Kerr, Aspiring to Greatness

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A dear friend sent me this poem. It was written by Alice Kerr of Lower Bucks, PA. She is a member of the Compassionate Friends, an organization for parents who have lost a child. I thought our readers might benefit from its words.

"Now I know I never knew,
when you lost your child,
What you were going through.
I wasn't there,
I stayed away,
I just deserted you.

I didn't know the words to say,
I didn't know the things to do.
I think your pain so frightened me,
I didn't know how to comfort you.

And then one day me child died.
You were the first one there.
You quietly stayed by my side, listened,
And held me as I cried.
You didn't leave, you didn't go.
The lesson learned is . . . Now I know."

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