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Grandpa's Precious Gift
  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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I wanted a baby with all my heart, but I was not getting pregnant. I waited, I prayed, I cried and I went to my parents when I could not find any more courage inside myself. With their love and support, I carried on...through tests, artificial insemination, in vitro fertilization and life in general.

Over four years passed. Then, on March 8, 1997, a day I will never forget, my loving father passed away. He was our leader. He believed in us more than we did. He believed in miracles. Our family felt lost without him. My mom, my siblings and I all struggled, trying to keep our spirits up without Dad by our side. All the while, I kept trying for a baby, to no avail. I finally surrendered all my trust over to God's hands in order to find some peace in my heart. On a television show, my mom saw a speaker who suggested writing a letter to your deceased love one to help heal your wounds. Unbeknownst to me, she tried it and it seemed to help her immensely.

After five long years of trying to conceive, it finally happened. I was pregnant! My baby's due date was the day before my dad's birthday. Yet, that day came and went. My baby girl, Samantha, decided to be born right on her grandpa's sixty-first birthday! What an extra wonderful surprise. When it seemed like one door closed in my life, somehow it was opened right back up.

When Samantha was about six months old, I continued to marvel at the miracle of hope I had been given from heaven. It was then that my mom told me about her letter to dad. Here is the part she wrote about me. "Sharon and Ron still have had no luck on having a little one. Maybe you can ask God to give them some help!" That letter was written two months before I got pregnant.

I am writing this letter to my mom, dad and, of course, God as thanks for keeping my heart full of love, hope, trust and the strength to believe in miracles. Also, thanks from Samantha Grandpa's precious gift.

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