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Jesus, You Are God, And I Am Not
  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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Jesus, you are God and i am not, I do not need to concern myself with revenge for hurts, real or imagined, for that is Your job to do in your own time, and in any way you deem appropriate for You are a wise and just judge.

Jesus, You are God and i am not, I do not need to try to manage other people's actions or to interfere in their business, for You know what they should do while I do not.

Jesus, You are God and i am not I do need to have You first and foremost in my life, the centerpiece of everything that I do, say, or think, for you are my king and I am your loyal subject.

Jesus, You are God and i am not, I must not get discouraged in times of trouble but, instead, remember that you never promised that I would not have sorrow, loneliness, or stress, But You did promise that you would always be with me.

Jesus, You are God and i am not, I love you not because i have to but because You loved me enough to die for me and Your mother, my Mama, loves me as her very own.

My Jesus, my God, i love You Amen

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