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Real Treasure
  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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A RICH man is lying in bed waiting for the death to come.He has spent all of his life to search for nothing but money.When he faces problem in his life, he has a principle that money can help him to get out of his problems. He really believes that money is the guarantee for him in his present life, even in the next one...

on his dying day, he asks his family to put a full bucket of money and gold in his coffin when he dies later.His wish is granted by his family.

In another world, he takes out the lifetime guidance book to find his name in one of those life books.Since the searching is taking a long time, he becomes hungry and thirsty.

After searching for some moments, he finds a restaurant that he thinks suitable for him.. "'s time for me to spend my money" he speaks to himself. He goes to the restaurant and orders some food. But, the waitress there rejects him and says that his money worths nothing in that restaurant. He is so surprised and shock when he hears that, and then he leaves the restaurant with sad. He has to bear the hunger and thirst that torture him.

words: Is it very sad if u only rich in human eyes but poor in GOD's ones.Everything in this world has an end, but eternity is waiting ahead. Are you ready to face it? My brothers and sisters, it is not a mistake to be rich in this world, but remember, are u also rich in GOD's presence? (matthew 12:13-21)

prayer: FATHER, i want to be rich in YOUR presence, touch my life with your holly spirit. Amin.

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