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What Lies Ahead
  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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Jessica knew she wasn't supposed to be at this party. But it wasn't her fault --- not really. She was on her way to the movies, just like she told her parents, when she and Kathryn ran into a group of friends who invited them into the party. "Let's go!" Jessica said to Kathryn. "I've always wanted to go to one of these parties." Jessica was surprised at how easily the lie left her lips. At Jessica's insistence, the two followed their friends to the abandoned warehouse. The party was already in full swing.

Later, when it already became apparent that Jessica was going to be late getting home, she found a pay phone and called her parents. "Mom? Kathryn and I decided to stop for Pizza after the movie and ran into some friends. I'll be late, OK? Oh, yes, the movie was great. You need to see it. Yes, I'll see you soon, Bye."

It was just a little white lie. What could it hurt? And what could it hurt to take her first drink of alcohol? She hated the taste, but the lie in her smile said she loved it. And what could it hurt to dance with this great-looking guy? And what could it hurt to take another drink that he offered her?

When Jessica woke up the next morning, still groggy from the drug the cute guy had slipped into her drink, she realized that her lies had hurt more than she could have ever imagined.

Jessica found out the hard way that lies are a stairway that goes only one way: down. She lied to her friends. She lied to her parents. She lost the trust of her parents and her best friend, and she lost her innocence to a guy she never saw again.

...Jesus explained that Satan is the father of lies. His tactics are so sly. If he can just get you to tell one little white lie today, then tomorrow he can take you one step further down the stairway with a bigger lie. Before you know it, you find yourself some place where you never intended to be, and Satan is laughing all the while.

...Don't hold Satan's hand and start down that stairway. Run to Jesus, hold His hand, and always speak the truth.

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