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Main : Life

Yesterday It Was Not Ok
  by: Renay Wheeler, Source Unknown

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Yesterday it was not O.K
cause I loved this boy, and all
his ways.

Yesterday it was not O.K.
My Mom hated his guts, she
said he cheated, and I was nuts!

Yesterday it was not O.K.
My Mom told me that the relationship I
had to end, He didn't care cause he said
He was in Love with my friend.

Today it's O.K.
Because now I see the light.
And in my soul I am doing alright.

Today it is O.K. cause in months
it's been about 8 since our last date.

Today it's O.K.
I am doing good, feeling good,
New house, New Job, yes I am
getting paid!!!

Him, I thought you knew,
Yesterday he died of AIDS.

If we all listen to that little voice inside of us we
can hear the answers to all of our questions to God.

When that fails, just listen to MaMa.
She has been there, and done that.

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