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We Are Still Alive
  by: Author Unknown, NEWSBRIEF

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A small group of foreign businessmen visiting North Korea are walking to the hotel where they stay under the direction shown by their guides. Before entering the hotel in North Korea, suddenly a teenager at about seventeen years old runs toward this group. This teenager grabs the hand of one group member and pushes his finger to the palm's hand of that person. This is obviously not common in the Korean's culture. Because a child is not permitted to touch a foreigner visibly.

This businessman tries to pull out his hand, but this teenager keeps holding it. Soon, this man realizes why the teenager does not want to release his hand. He tries to write a message by drawing a cross on his palm's hand.

The busineeman looks at the thin face of the teenager. He keeps silent, but his eyes speak. The message that he wants to convey is very clear, "We are still alive and stay in North Korea. We are still alive !"

On the next morning, this group has an opportunity to meet this teenager secretly once again. They meet his father, who are Christian and was prisoned for several years. Although this teenager never confesses his faith in public, he has some requests for them. He asks the group to accept his tenth-gift which was saved for several years, then baptize him, hold a Holy Communion; and also give him a Bible.

This teenager is deeply in starve. Actually he can beg for getting food, but he doesn't want to do it. Eventhough his physical body is thin caused by the pressure from North Korea's government, but his faith keeps growing and continuing praise God in Heaven. Probably he knows that physical foods is only temporary, so he prefers to collect treasures in the eternal Heaven.

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