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Is the Cross You Wear too Heavy to Bear?
  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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Complainingly I told myself, "this cross is too heavy to wear"

And I wondered discontentedly why God gave it to me to bear. And I looked with envy at others whose crosses seemed lighter than mine And wished that I could change my cross for one of a lighter design -

And then, in a dream, I beheld the cross I impulsively wanted to wear, It was fashioned of pearls and diamonds and gems that were precious and rare.

And when I hung it around my neck the weight of the jewels and the gold Was much too heavy and cumbersome for my small, slender neck to hold So I tossed it aside and before my eyes was a cross of rose-red flowers And I said with delight as I put it on, "this cross I can wear for hours" For it was so dainty and fragile, so lovely and light and thin, But I had forgotten about the thorns that started to pierce my skin And then in my dream I saw "my cross," rugged and old and plain, That clumsy old cross I had looked upon with discontented disdain.

And at last I knew that God had made this "special cross for me," For God in His great wisdom knew what I before could not see, That often the loveliest crosses are the heaviest crosses to bear, For only God is wise enough to choose the cross we can wear - So never complain about YOUR CROSS, for your cross has been blest, God made it JUST FOR YOU to wear and remember, GOD KNOWS BEST

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