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Main : Religions & Spirituality : Christianity

  by: Floyed McClum, The Father Heart of God

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"You cannot have a big signs of you pride then when you feel that you are humble" (William Low)

I ever met a guy at MAdras, India who said that he never sins! As both of us interested with religious things, our enjoyfull conversations changes to serious once. When I told him that God will forgive people who confess theirs sins, he certainly said that he never made any mistakes or wrong things in his life.

" Did you ever lies ?" I asked him. "No, never" he answer. "Did you ever steal something or hate someone?" "No, not once". "Did you ever do adultery?" "No". "Disobey your parents?" "No"

I become confuse and think of another question. " Do you proud of yourself that you never sins?" i asked him naughty. "Oh yes, " he replyed "Very proud, so proud".

"Well.. this is your first sin " I said " You are so prideful!" He laugh and said congratulation to me that i was succeed to trap him with his pride sins.

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