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Behind The Scene
  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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This is a story about five brothers who live in peace at one village. They are orphans, they live by run rice field inheritance from their parents. They rice field is far from home, so they have to go to field at dawn.

And they agree to let the youngest brother at home to take care their house. The youngest agree and very happy about the decision. So every day when his brother go home they found that house is clean, knit and comfortable. Foods and drinks have prepared on the table, their bed were knitted and all dirty clothes have washed.

But one of his brother had jealous to the youngest, so he said to other brother that the youngest is cheated, because he did not go to the field. And the other agree to about his opinion so now they decide to go to the field together including the youngest. But now when they go home they found that their home is mess, not care well and table is empty. Now they realize that their youngest brother had very important role , and his brother have under estimated his role.

So what we got from this story ? Never under estimated people who work behind the scene, whose work never can be seen. Look ! Who is in your house look "useless" , may be that your old man, grandpa, grandma who sitting everyday, the servant who seems lazy, cleaning service on your church, prayer who never show up on the podium or whoever you always underestimated. Learn to see the good side from their present, and imagine how if they never stay at your house and church ? Unconsciously we said arrogant to this people," Let them go, because they are useless !

Brother and sister if we do that ,one day we will found that we had lost the best people in our home and church. Remember ! We have equipped with different talents, so by that we can work together and help each other. Even though some people have average talent, but we have to learn to respect them and their ability.

Pray: Lord, I glad for people You had placed around me. Make me able to respect them and never under estimated them even they do small things. Teach me to work together with other people. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.

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