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Main : Life

  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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A girl grumbled to her father about her hard life. She didn't know what she had to do and wanted to give up. She felt tired for fighting and fighting. One problem had been finished but the other overcame.

Her father, a cooker, took her into kitchen. He poured water into three pans and boiled them. After boiling, in the first pan was put some carrots, the second was put some eggs and the last was put with coffee. He waited for them for few minutes without any words from his mouth.

The girl closed her mouth and waited for inpatient, confused by what her father did. After approximately 20 minutes, her father turned off the stove, took out the carrots and put in the bowl. He took the eggs and put in the bowl. After that coffee was poured into the cup.

Turning back to her daughter, he asked, "My sweet heart, what do you see? " "Carrots, eggs, and coffee", she replied.

Her father closed her and asked for touching the carrots. She did and felt that the carrots were soft. After that he asked her to take the eggs and broke them. After peeling them, she got the eggs cooked and hard. The last, the father asked her to smell coffee. She asked generously, "What's the meaning, Father? " He explained that each things had felt the same unfortunate, the boiling water but different action. The strong and hard carrots. The strong and hard carrots became soft and weak after in the boiling water. The fragile eggs and thin epidermis covering the liquor became hard after cooked. Coffee cores were very unique, but they could changed water. "Who are you? " asked her father, "When the calamity knocks your door, how is your reaction? Are you carrots, eggs, or coffee? "

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