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Main : Love : Kindness

The Smile
  by: Dorothy Casper, , Source Unknown

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Beauty can be found in the most unanticipated places. Lessons can be learned as the heart is touched by sadness you cannot control.

When some friends who were visiting us from a small area in Idaho and since they were avid antique collectors my husband suggested we go to a nearby town which was known for its casino's and antique shops.

Although we had a productive morning we all agreed it was time to stop and have lunch. After being shown to our table I suggested to our guest that they go together to select their food and I would stay at the table and watch the purses. A few minutes after we were seated a black lady in a wheel chair being pushed by a rather tall black man was shown to the table next to us. He put an apron on her and then proceeded to prepare her a plate. Visiting and enjoying the food was taking precedence with us and I almost forgot about the lady at the next table. But all of a sudden something drew my attention in her direction. I didn't want to stare but I couldn't help but notice that she was alone, and that she was having a difficult time eating. She could hardly get her fork to her mouth. Her left arm seemed to be fastened in a sling across her abdomen and It was evident that she had little use of her right arm, and was eating very little of her food. I looked at my watch, an hour had past and she was still alone.

We all left the table to go to the dessert bar and on returning, I became very disturbed trying to decide what was the appropriate thing to do. Should I see if she needed my help? Would I embarrass her if I offered? Here we were sitting right next to her laughing and talking and having so much fun and she struggled to feed herself. While I kept up the appearance of a jovial time my heart cried inside. Why was she left alone? If that were me how would I feel?

We left our table and walked on past her. As we approached the exit I knew I could not walk out and leave her all alone without finding out if I could do something for her. I told my friends I would meet them by the door and I returned to her table.

"Excuse me, but I noticed you were alone, I wondered if I could help you, maybe cut your meat up for you."

She had her hand on the water glass but could not lift it. She could barely articulate but slowly replied;

"I would like to have a drink of water."

I quickly picked up the glass and helped her put it to her lips. Somehow time didn't matter. I knew my friends, they would understand my delay. We visited as I helped her eat.

"You are very kind, What is your name?", She asked.

I leaned over a little to her and quiety said, "have you ever seen the little cartoon of Casper the Ghost?"

She answered with a smile and a nod of agreement.

"Well, I am one of those Casper's," I told her.

She smiled again and laid her hand over on mine, "No, I think you are an angel sent to help me today."

I have never thought of myself as an angel, but the smile on her face as she uttered those words and the light in her eyes told me we could all be angels to someone if we just won't walk on by as if we haven't seen a need. The beauty of her smile will linger in my heart forever.

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