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Main : Religions & Spirituality : Christianity

  by: Jack Zavada, Source Unknown

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A few weeks before Independence Day, I noticed a fireworks stand in a parking lot in our city. It reminded me of the many wonderful fireworks shows I've attended with my family. There's something magical about those brilliant colors exploding against the dark sky.

But there's a problem with fireworks. They don't last. The same is true of many of the "fireworks" experiences in our lives. We fight and struggle for things that seem beautiful and alluring, but after we get them, their appeal disappears, just like fireworks. Maybe it's a shiny new car or speedboat. Maybe it's a big, impressive house. It might even be a promotion at work or a prestigious career.

So many of the things of this world are like fireworks. They promise happiness and fulfillment but can't deliver. TV commercials play on our emotions, making us believe that if we drive a certain kind of SUV or clean our floors with their super-efficient mop, we'll be happy at last. More often than not, all we feel is disillusioned.

If you've had enough of these "fireworks" experiences and the letdowns that follow, I challenge you to pursue the only thing in life that doesn't disappoint: a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The astounding thing about loving God is that it actually gets better every day. Once you give your heart to Jesus, you'll have happiness and fulfillment that lasts into eternity, and you'll never want to go back to "fireworks" experiences again.

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