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Main : Love : Mothers-Children

Honey, Just Believe
  by: Nichole Blackburn, Source Unknown

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"Mom" I said to her each day "I love you with all my heart"
"but I'm afraid if you left it would tear my life apart"
Then she smiled and looked at me and said "I will never leave"
I would smile and hug her tight and she would say "Only if you believe"
"Believe in what?" I asked her then
And the only answer she gave was "You just wait and see"
And soon the time came for me to move away and be out on my own.
The thought of being away from home scared me oh so much
But my mom smiled and said to me "Honey, just believe"
As I walked out into the world with my mother no longer by my side
I said to myself, "Honey, just believe"
and with those words I was comforted .

Soon I had a family and a life all my own.
My mother was still my friend but now I'd always say
"Mother, I love you so much. Don't you ever leave!"
Then of course she'd say to me "Honey, just believe."
Soon my mother became old and sick and couldn't be on her own.
So she moved in my house with me and my new family.
Everyone loved her so much.

She was such a delight until one day she started losing her fight.
She became very ill and couldn't get out of bed
So every night I'd sit with her until one night when she said
"Honey now I must go but you will not be alone as I said
I will never leave only if you believe"
"Mother don't go" I cried as I held her in my arms
"I love you too much to let you go. Please don't leave me here alone"
"Honey you will never be alone," she said crying along with me
"I love you more than life itself you just have to believe"

My mother fell limp in my arms and I screamed out with pain.
Pain in my heart that hurt so bad cause she left me all alone
Soon I became so sad and no one could comfort me.
Everyday I'd sit and think she left me all alone.
Then one day I heard a voice saying "Honey, just believe"
"Just believe" I thought to myself
"But believe in what?" I said
Then I realized all along
I'd never been alone cause the voice that whispered
to believe was my mother in my heart.
So now I tell my Sely each day
"You will never be alone honey. Just believe"

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