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Wonderful Christmas, A
  by: Cyndi, Heartwarmers4u

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My ex-husband had made some very bad choices in his life, and I did not want my children to pay for them all their lives, so the boys and I talked and we decided to move. We moved 2700 miles from home. We had a small car that pulled a small U-haul over the Rocky Mountains. I could barely read a map (my 8-year old reads them great, I learned.)

We arrived in our new town three days later, and found an apartment. I started the boys in their new school and I went to our new home to unload the U-haul. I had brought all the clothes, dishes, blankets and toys that I could fit in the U-haul. As I began unloading, a lady whom I had briefly met the day before was driving down the road and she stopped to help me unload and carry everything up the three flights of stairs. After getting moved in, I was blessed two days later when I found a job.

Things were going great. The boys went to the Boys & Girls Club after school, and I would pick them up after work. In December, two months after moving, the manager of the Boys & Girls Club called me and said that there was a group of people who wanted to adopt a family for Christmas and would I mind if they chose our family. My first thought was no, because we had all the love we needed for the holidays, but then he said that my children had told him that there was no furniture in the house, and this group had a lot of used furniture, and that the boys and I would be making them very happy. So I agreed.

They called me and asked what the boys wanted for Christmas and I told them that anything would be appreciated, and I told them what their favorite toys were. They showed up for the first time on December 18. The brought in a couch, kitchen furniture, a bed for me (the boys already had one that I had found for them), and dressers and other furniture. I was so grateful, and in telling them thank you, they said that wasn't all. They went back out and came in with an artificial Christmas Tree and decorations. We talked for hours as we put the tree up, and decorated my house for Christmas.

On December 23 they called and said they'd like to drop by. They came over and brought used appliances, and a whole mess of food. They even had someone dressed up as Santa to give each of the boys a small gift. I cried when I saw all that they were doing.

On December 24 after the kids were in bed they stopped by and set outside my door gifts for the kids to have Christmas. I cannot tell you how wonderful a Christmas that was.

My children and I have since adopted a child every year. The boys know that even with the little bit we have we can really help.

This year is going to be different though because my girlfriends and I are planning to adopt a whole family. I am hoping that we can give someone the joy that was once given to us.

I hope everyone can join in the spirit of love during this upcoming holiday season, and remember that there are angels all around us, not just spiritual ones, but real ones that we can see.

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