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What Goes Around (2)
  by: Natalie Wright, Heartwarmers4u

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We took a vacation trip to Florida right at Thanksgiving.In fact we were traveling on the big day. We stopped for dinner at a restaurant. While we were eating a man came in who was dressed very poorly and sat at down at the counter. He ordered coffee and nothing else. My husband felt he needed food but didn't have the money for it. So he talked to the waiter and gave him the money for a complete dinner. We never thought anything about it until that evening when we stopped at a fast food restaurant for a snack. We had to wait a long time to be served and when they finally brought our meal they apologized and gave us our order for free.

You guessed it, the cost was exactly the same as the Thanksgiving dinner for the gentleman at the first restaurant. God takes care of His children. We should always be alert to those around us who may need help. If we are waiting and watching God will show us the need. May God richly bless you in your work and please keep sending us these wonderful stories.

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