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Main : Happiness

My Birthday
  by: Jon Sternoff, , Source Unknown

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November 1st is my birthday.

My older brother calls me up every year on my birthday to ask where his gift is. When I was young, he tried to convince me like older brothers sometimes do on the younger brother's brithday. He is supposed to give a gift to the older brother. He still calls to remind me jokingly every year.

But this year I've been stitting here thinking about gifts and birthdays. I've been sitting here thinking about my 26 years (minus one day) of life. Of all the the gifts that have ever been given to me and of the ones I truely appreciate, the best gifts I have ever received have never been given to me on my birthday. The best gifts come at odd times.

  • In the morning when I roll over to see her beautiful sleeping face.
  • When my brother choose me, his bratty younger brother, to be his bestman.
  • When my bestfriend calls me, after 9 years of no contact, to make sure I'll be at his wedding.
  • When my mother calls me sensing something is wrong.
  • When my father shares his hobbies with me.
  • When I realized that I didn't have to look at the ground when I walk by people.
  • When the doctor said I'd be OK.
  • When she stayed my my side, taking care of me, when I was at my crankiest.
  • When I see the future in her eyes.
  • When I receive e-mail from someone visiting my website, just to say thank you for all the hard work.
  • When my sister-in-law called me her brother.
  • When her family called me family.
  • Hugs so tight you feel a heartbeat.
  • When grandpa sang to me my song so many times, "John Jacob Jingle Himer Smith."
  • When she told me to smile, and I did.
  • Kisses that did make it all better.
  • When she said "Yes I'll marry you".
  • Friends who will be there when I need them.
  • My friends who put up every year watching "Clash of the Titans" on my birthday.
  • At night when I watch her fall asleep.

So what do I want this year for my birthday? At least 26 more years of the same-old-same-old.

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