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Main : Religions & Spirituality : Christianity : Christmas

Perfect Gift, The
  by: Joseph M. Rebecky (Wayne, New Jersey), , Source Unknown

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As a young child I can always remember rushing down the steps on Christmas morning and looking around the tree for the biggest box. I always believed that within the biggest box lied the most expensive and best gift. But as time works it magic on the mind and soul of a young man, I soon realized each and every gift was special, unique, and meaningful. In fact, those presents I remember most are the gifts that came directly from the heart, such as one of my mother's handmade sweaters or scarves. Christmas definitely is not about the gift itself, but rather the thought behind the gift.

This Christmas I have already been blessed to receive the most beautiful and amazing gift in the world, my girlfriend Angela. But I know the true meaning of Christmas is found in the word "giving." So, this Christmas I promised myself to search and find the most incredible gift for this most incredible girl. I spent many days searching the crowded stores and scanning the numerous holiday catalogs, but nothing seemed to stand out. As Christmas quickly approached I wondered if I would ever find that "perfect" gift. I decided to try the local mall one last time. Maybe I had missed a store or new merchandise had just hit the racks and shelves. But as I quietly passed from one store to the next, nothing attracted my eye. Somewhat defeated, I slowly made my way to the mall exit. But before I could reach the doors, I suddenly found that "perfect" gift.

No, this gift was not found in a fancy department store. It will not be wrapped in pretty paper and adorned with ribbons and bows. In fact, this gift doesn't have a receipt and can't be taken back. So, where did I find this "perfect" gift and more importantly what is it? I found it in the eyes of an elderly couple holding hands, I heard it in the playful words between a grandfather and grandson, and I saw it in the actions of a proud new mother.

Yes, the gift is Love! So Angela, this Christmas I give to you My Love and I trust that you will always keep it with you!

Merry Christmas Angela and I LOVE YOU!

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