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Main : Love : Mothers-Children

Mother's Rhyme, A
  by: Brian G. Jett, Source Unknown

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I wish I could go back in time
To hear Mom tell me a nursery rhyme

To sit on the floor and play with my toys
To watch my big brother play with the other little boys

To pet my first puppy on its fluffy little head
To watch the Lightning-Bugs in a jar as I lied in bed

To run through a sprinkler, on a hot summer's day
To get up from a nap and then go out to play

To build a kite with a friend,
and watch it begin to fly

To see the Big Dipper as I'd
gaze into the sky

To leave for first grade,
wondering what it'd be like

To put a new Banana seat on
my first little bike

And if I could go back in time
I'd stop my Mom in the middle of her rhyme

And tell her what I didn't know then
Just how much I love her and
that she's my best friend

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