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Miss Bohlim
  by: Jenny aka Florida Hoosier, , Heartwarmers4u

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I was fortunate enough to have my junior high English teacher in both the seventh and the ninth grades. This woman was so much more than a teacher; she was a friend. I truly believe she discovered me, like an uncharted, undeveloped island. I don't remember ever having a passion for anything until she instilled in me a passion for reading and for writing. She saw a potential I never knew existed and encouraged me every step of the way to develop it.

Miss Bohlim was also a teacher in life. While I was discovering myself through the world of writing, she was always available to help me sort through the emotional ups and downs of adolescence. She and her roommate lived near my home, and often times, my best friend and I went to her house to talk about the latest tragedies in the lives of two thirteen year old girls. We talked about everything with her, from boys and peer pressure issues to research papers. In years commonly filled with turmoil and indecision, I always had Miss Bohlim. Her advice was always given with caring and sensitivity, as she taught me valuable lessons in life, such as the responsibility of being a leader. I remember those times and Miss Bohlim as one of the most positive influences on my life.

Life happens to you when you least expect it.

Events that happened in the years following junior high were learning experiences in themselves. In junior high, I was a college bound student. My course changed directions, but I never lost the dream of becoming a junior high English teacher. I chose English because of my passion for reading and writing.

I chose junior high because I had a dream that one day, I could be to one student what Miss Bohlim was to me.

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