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Mama's Song
  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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Big blue eyes and a toothless grin
So loving and innocent, my heart was easy to win
Little round head, and twinkling toes
Feathery hair, and a button nose
Screeching and squealing to everyone's delight
Cooing and laughing into the night

Sure...You cry sometimes
and you do cost a lot!
But give you up, I could not!
And the moments are rare, almost none
That I get frustrated with my little one
Rather my heart fills with affection
Each time you look at me with that certain connection

I thank God every day,
for the love that you've brung
A sweeter song, my heart's never sung

A song of joy straight from above
A song of pride, of peace and love.
You're God's greatest gift
that I've ever received
And If I'd had any doubts, I now in him believe

So all I want from you as my son
is to laugh, to love, to be safe and have fun.
To care, to share, to listen and learn
and other's respect you have to earn

This really isn't hard, just look in your heart
It's always been inside you right from the start.
So live your life loving every day
The sun and the rain
and make work as fun as play
Soak in the wonder of Life that it is
and never give up on happiness.

Love, Mama

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