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Life Over Death
  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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Late one Saturday night, a pastor was putting the final touches on his sermon for Sunday morning.

This particular Saturday night was a little different, he usually put the finishing touches on his sermons in his study at his home, but had left a particular book that he wanted some quotes from at his office. As he completed his last sentence, he thought he'd better give his wife a call to let her know that he was on his way home. As he turned his light off at his desk, a knock came from the door. He looked at his watch and noticed that it was after eleven and wondered who could this be.

With reservations, he stepped towards the door. Asking who it was on the other side of the door, a young ladies voice exclaimed, "I need to talk to someone."

The pastor opened the door and saw a young lady all of sixteen. He asked, "What can I do for you sweetheart?"

"Are you a preacher?" she asked.

"Yes I am." He responded, "Won't you come in and sit down."

"Pastor, I am pregnant. My boy friend wants me to have an abortion and I don't think it's right to take a life!"

"You are very wise." said the pastor, "Life starts at conception, Have you told your parents?"

"No, they wouldn't understand!" exclaimed the young frightened girl."I am to meet my boy friend at a clinic downtown at midnight to have an abortion; but I don't want to do it."

"My stand is and always will be pro life?" as he showed her some scripture from the Bible backing up his stand. He told her; "God planted that seed in you and only He can take it away, not man."

Before the young lady left, the pastor asked her if she would pray with him as they got on their knees, he took her hand as he prayed for life and not death.

"God will give you all the wisdom you need, if you leave it in His hands. I hope I have helped. God bless you young lady!" His words followed after her as she left.

The pastor tossed and turned all night, wondering if he had made a difference or not; only praying that he had. "Oh God! Please give her the wisdom she needs."

Almost two years had passed since that Saturday night. Still vivid in his mind, he wondered if he had made a difference; he prayed that he had. As he and his wife often do every Wednesday night after church, they went to a local restaurant where they served a buffet. This particular Wednesday night didn't seem any different from others with the exception of a young couple that was standing in front of them in line.

The young lady was trying to hold her year old baby. As most babies do at that age, this one continued to squirm and squirm. The young man with the lady took the baby but with little triumph, he had the same problems.

The young lady said, "He's never like this! I can't explain it." The young couple excused themselves and started to move out of the line. While walking by, the baby made an unbelievable jolt as he jumped out of the young man's arms into the unsuspecting arms of the surprised pastor who quickly reached and grabbed the baby.

The startled mother couldn't believe what had happened as her eyes met the pastor's. Tears flowed from both as their eyes met. He now had his answer to the question which had haunted him for two years; it was life. The mother said, "He never goes to anyone!" as the baby lay totally still, asleep next to the pastor's heart.

The pastor married this couple two weeks later. Today this couple spends every Sunday morning teaching Sunday school in his church. Twice a week they work in the community for pro-life groups, helping others find life over death.

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