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Main : Love : Fathers-Children

My Dad, George Collins
  by: Judy (Collins) Audette, , Source Unknown

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My Dad passed on a year ago in March. I can remember his broad smile and his warmth. He showed his love in everything, every word and every act. He was a very pious man -- deeply religious and very mild mannered. He did just about everything for all of us. I never had to even pour my coffee in the morning when I was single and living at home, as he would always have it ready. He always had a kind word for everyone. He was a saint among us and I was blessed to have such a man for a father.

In talking with the Pastor after his death, he said that most people have a good side and a bad side and when they passed on they left the bad side here but that my father was one of those very special people that had no bad side. I knew that that was how it was with my father. I can remember him saying to me all the time, "Judy, did you say your prayers?" I would get a bit ruffled by that, but now, I would give anything to hear him ask me that question. I could fill a page with examples of his devotion to God and family. When times were tough and not much money, Dad sacrificed his coffee money to give to the church. He walked miles and miles to work when there wasn't enough for a bus. Dad would carry me miles to church, as my feet would get tired. He washed all our clothes, the floors and did everything for my mother and us even though he worked two jobs and like I said did it lovingly -- nothing seemed to be too much for him to do for us.

My father did something even more then that that I mentioned, he showed us what true love, compassion and faith really means and is. May he now be in the comfort of His arms.

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