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Main : Love : Mothers-Children

My Mother, the Survivor
  by: Kari Elsik, , Source Unknown

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I think that this was an excellent story. I really enjoyed it. Your mother has to be beautiful and smart to raise a young lady as you. I can tell that you have a good head on your sholders and you have a bright future. Good luck in all you do. (Kelley)

Have you ever known a woman of such beauty, charisma, and such style? There is a woman, a captivating lady of such grace. A lady with all the love in the world to give. I do. Yes, I do. I have been blessed in my young lifetime to know such a rare find. This exquisite human being has this heart, this enormous heart that is almost as big as her smile. Oh, and her smile can not only melt our heart, but fulfill your soul with such a warmth and pleasure. Her eyes, her remarkable eyes. They show the impeccable strength and courage she depicts every day. They reflect all the triumphs and the strife she has encountered in her life. You see, this woman of such admiration is no other than my very own mother. That is correct. The barer of my being.

She is comparable to nothing or nobody I can think of. The heartache she has suffered is both tremendous and extensive. My mother, Cathleen, is the rightful owner of a horrible disease known to professionals as PVD. To you and I, it is known nothing less than a raw deal. The majority of my life, she has been over whelmed with illness. She dealt with a great many obstacles in fifteen plus years. I have never encountered another person who has fought so hard to overcome such unbearable circumstances. She is the truest fighter I know and the most determined soul I have ever loved. Amongst all the anguish and grief she has undergone, she has managed to not only stay optimistic, but progressive as well. How admirable is that? The doctors have said that she is a fighter. With these opinions, I must concur. Through all the physical set backs laid upon her, we, my family have always stood strong and supportive.

What makes my mother so special besides the obvious attributes I have listed in the proceeding paragraph? I will tell you. She has always watched over me with such genuine care and concern. Granted, we were not always able to share all the typical mother daughter times. But, who wants typical? Just because my mother and I didn't bake brownies, or knit throws, doesn't mean a thing. The things that we did share, do share, and will share run much deeper than all that. I think it is better than your 'typical', adequate, every day mother/daughter relationship. What we share is a relationship beyond description. It is a bond, which we share like no other. Her special qualities lie within her heart and onto mine. All my life, through all the sickness, illness, and common misfortune, she has managed to use her title as mother better than anyone I know. Whether it is our talks or our tears, she has always managed to be a first class, dynamic mother and friend. In my heart, I feel there could never be two women who compare.

So, while this woman of such beauty, charisma, such style and strength deals with this progressive disease and all the other hardships that life hands her, I will partake in these struggles along side her. She has, can and will overcome all. She has instilled this courage in me to push, but to never be pushed. Like I mentioned, I will never leave her side. Through celebrations and sorrow, I will stand by her as she did for me so long ago as a child. Maybe this insightful information will allow you to see why this lady is so special to me. Beyond her beauty, there is this heart, this heart that carries my name upon it, along with so many others. I am branded with her love now and for the entire duration of my life.

The distribution of these qualities is to praise a woman, who I admire and respect beyond definition. This captivating lady of such grace is my mother.

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