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Main : Life

Unexpected Tragedy
  by: Amber Powell, Source Unknown

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The air loomed monotonously,
and the sky grayed as the minutes passed on.
An empty aura hushed each of us as the night droned on.
Never, would I have thought it would end so tragically.

A stop light flashed a warning yellow,
but the CRX hauled into the intersection.
"Slow Down! Slow Down!" pondered by all, but never a suggestion.
The four of us remained mellow.

Suddenly, the light seemed to be a finish line;
a goal to make it to the other side.
Rules of the road were nothing to abide.
We thought our right of way was definitely a sign.

A white car shot out in front of us.
Screeching wheels slowed us only partially.
Little did we know another would fly out so stupidly.
Nothing forecasted the tragedy before us.

An impending fear sank into my stomach
as another car turned unexpectedly.
I looked upon hopefully
thinking maybe we would make it.

A realization hit us all.
We were going to fast to stop!
I looked upon and thought...
"Will this be the end to us all?"

The two cars embraced each other
with a screeching growl.
Not one person let out a howl
as we flew into the glass and one another.

Nothing forecasted this night.
I pulled away from the windshield
and soon my hand was filled
with a river of blood caused from my flight.

I gasped in terror of the sight,
my best friend appeared to be dead!!!
Thousands of thoughts shot through my head.
'Maybe she's alive? Maybe she might?'

The windshield appeared
to have been in a war
with catapults of oar.
Amazing, our heads were still here.

Nothing but silence.
Fear and horror
instilled upon the faces of bystanders.

Nothing but silence.
Shock and stillness
rested upon our bodies.

Soothing voices surrounded the car.
"It's okay guys. It's okay,
the ambulance is on it's way.
You're lucky the hospital's not that far."

My body shook
as my heart trembled
and my lungs reassembled.
I couldn't help but look.

In the side view mirror,
a blanket of blood
covered a face like a flood.
I tried not to be in horror.

This face was mine,
all that was visible,
my eyes were indismissable.
I wanted to stop the time.

I refused to think about it.
We were alive.
It wasn't our time.
The stop watch didn't doubt it.

From here on,
We all have our own story.
No, they aren't tales of glory.
But, not I shall go on.

I have to say,
your life is a treasure.
Fully live each day for you might never
see tomorrow's bright sunny sky.

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