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What Comes Around Goes Around
  by: Denyel Cusimano, Source Unknown

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If there were ever a man that deserved more from life than he was given, my grandfather would be that man. He met my grandmother when they were very young. There love carried them through World War II. They were married and began raising their family.

Then tragedy hit. There only daughter was killed leaving behind a seven-month-old child. They clung to that child for many years until they then lost her too. Though not to death, this child was taken from them by her father. They became the doting grandparents. They were no longer allowed to see the only living link to their daughter. But they both kept their strength and you could always hear my grandfather saying "Don't worry, what comes around goes around."

Ten years went by and that seven month old child grew in to a young woman. Along the way grandma and grandpa missed seeing their granddaughter grow up. Grandpa stayed strong and always said "Don't worry, what comes around goes around." Their granddaughter grew wings and decided to fly off on her own. At the age of fifteen she flew back into the arms of her awaiting grandparents. She continued her life with them.

Though they missed seeing her younger years they enjoyed teaching her to drive, seeing her graduate from high school, they watched her get married and become a mother three times. During the last two weeks of his life grandpa said to that now grown woman that was once his little grand daughter, "I missed out on a lot of your life but what came around went around in the end. You have grown to be a beautiful woman and a wonderful mother and I got to see it all."

Yes, Grandpa you did. I was that young child. Now that grandpa has gone to a better place and is with his daughter I look at life in a different way. He taught me to be strong, to take things that are handed to me as they come because in the end: What comes around goes around.

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