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Main : Religions & Spirituality : Christianity

Jesus to John
  by: Author Unknown, Cidade Calenlixness

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John said: "Master, is there any material universe?"

Jesus answered: "No."

John asked: "Is there matter?"

Jesus answered: "No."

John asked: "Is there a material body?"

Jesus hesitated a long time and finally said: "Saints believed that their bodies were fashioned of clay and this believing brought them to death."

Jesus said: "Let not him who seeketh cease from seeking until he hath found:
...and when he hath found, he shall be amazed,
...and when he hath been amazed he shall reign,
...and when he shall reign, he shall have rest.
...The kingdom of heaven is within you and whosoever shall know himself, shall find it.
...Strive therefore to know yourselves and ye shall know that ye are in the City of God, and ye are the City."

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