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Main : Mind

Your Mind Is the Rudder
  by: Walter Dudley Cavert, Source Unknown

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Mind is the rudder that steers the ship of life. Says the book of Proverbs,

As a man "thinketh in is heart, so is he." If you can control your thoughts, you can determine your destiny. You will be the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. if you do not learn to govern your thoughts, you will be like a vessel with a broken helm which, tossed about by wind and tide, finally crashes on the rocks. Do you remember Longfellow's description of the way Hiawatha sailed his birch-bark canoe?

    Paddles none had Hiawatha,
    Paddles none he had or needed,
    For his thoughts as paddles served him,
    And his wishes served to guide him;
    Swift or slow at will he glided,
    Veered to right or left at pleasure.

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