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Main : Love

Who Has the Handicap?
  by: Brian G. Jett, Source Unknown

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I'm learning each and everyday, from a young man who can hardly speak. He teaches me something new each day, as I watch him mop and sweep.

His staggered gate doesn't stop him, from walking to work each day. And everytime I talk to him, he has a smile and a nice word to say

As he struggles to open the liner, to empty the trash each night, I am reminded of how much he has, visioned cleared with true insight.

He has no degrees or education, but he is wiser than most I've met. And tonight I saw him setting alone, head bowed -- he seemed upset

"What's wrong Brandon?", I asked. He replied, "Nothing is wrong with me." "I feel bad for a kid I saw, he's little and can't even see!"

So when I think I have it bad, feeling down and emotionally flat I think of Brandon and start to wonder, ..."Who has the handicap?"

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