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Main : Death & Dying

Summer's Day, The
  by: E, , Source Unknown

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Lilly felt the breeze before she noticed anything else. Warm and sweet it tickled her nose. She opened her eyes as the smells she knew so well hit her nose. The scent of blackberries being warmed in the sun, the tart scent from the crab apple tree she was laying beneath, the sharp scent of freshly cut grass wafted up from the houses in the town below. And her favorite smell of all the vividly colored wildflowers that grew on that beautiful hill, by the stream, at the edge of the woods. The flowers reached up towards the sun as if trying to touch it as they bathed in its warmth.

Lilly lay in the tall grass and stared up at the big blue sky. The clouds went slowly by, one by one. Each cloud was different in shape but all were fluffy and a pure white. If I could touch the sky, I bet it would feel cool and soft she thought with a smile. She lay at the top of her hill and listened to the murmur of the stream. The wind blew gently bringing more summer scents. Surrounded by the sounds, smells and sights of summer, Lilly was completely at peace.

Lilly's eyes flew open and the memories of the days gone past that were keeping her mind off the cold trickled away like leaves being blown away by a breeze. Nothing she had felt had been real. All she really felt was numb. Numb and the piercing pain of cold. The memories kept her soul warm and her mind off the cold but she couldn't fight back reality any longer. For what felt like the hundredth time, Lilly tried to start her car again and failed. She pushed with all her might on the car door and silently cursed black ice and speeders. She glanced out the snow covered windshield, foolishly hoping it had somehow melted while she had been in her reverie. Lilly gave a disdainful sigh which was followed by a cloud of dragons breath. If only I wasn't so tired. She thought. Lilly tried not to think about the cold or her buried car but she only ended up shivering. Someone is bound to find me soon. I can't be that far into the ditch! She assured herself. Her thoughts drifted back to the warm summers day on the hill of her childhood and she smiled. Smelling the sweet scent of the colorful flowers and listening to the stream, Lilly's eyes slowly closed for the last time.

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