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Main : Love : Brothers & Sisters

My Brother, My Stranger
  by: Mindy Ritter, , Source Unknown

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Two different worlds, yet bonded by one man
by the warm touch of our father's hand
I kept him with me, in my life
knowing you needed him through all your struggles and strife
now all I can do is dwell on years I let go by
I realize brother you have left me; it is time for you to fly
but why, you were so young
why didn't I get to know you, the years were so short yet so long
I recall as a child looking into your eyes and you into mine
and somehow feeling safe as you whispered "baby everything will be fine."
I can still hear you know from heaven up above
you are saying that in God and in Heaven you will always be loved
for you I will keep my faith in what is beyond me
and long to see your eyes again when I am through with my destiny.

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