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Main : Death & Dying

Your Room's Not Ready Yet
  by: Bill McSmith, , Source Unknown

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Today I was able to release Myrtle K. from the hospital to go back to the nursing home. For about 8-9 years now she has had declining health and mental status. Sweet as ever, but just not always home. This was an absolute gift from God.

When she came in to the hospital 7 days ago, this 91 year old lady had pneumonia and worsening confusion. The next day she had a TIA (mini stroke), and I told the family that it would be a miracle if she survived. She didn't arouse for 48 hours. Then just like turning the lights back on, she began to come around and the antibiotics began to work better. Her health began to improve. Each day she got better and better. Her lungs cleared, and she became the most alert I have ever seen her by this morning when I finally let her go back to the nursing home.

Back when I first met Myrtle and she was perfectly clear, she would see me scurry about in the office and the hospital, and tell me, "I don't know how you stay up, I'm praying for you."

In the elderly, it is frequently pneumonia that finally takes their lives, because the worn bodies just don't have what it takes to fight off infection any more. Well, I don't think Myrtle could fight it off, but God could!

Several years ago, as I sat at the nursing station one evening, some good friends were there visiting an elderly relative and they related an incident that had just happened involving their young daughter, "JJ". It seems she had been in a position to be left in the room with this grandmother and the lady was just plain tired. She said, "I just want to die. I want to go home to be with Jesus, why can't I just die?" JJ looked up at her and said, "Granny... God's painting your room, and it's just not ready yet."

How often I think of JJ's words when I see the miracles God performs in the hospital. Simple, uncomplicated, and "Right On." Thanks JJ, you have given me insight. And Myrtle ... I wonder what color your room's going to be?

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