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Main : Parental : Fathers

From Dad to Daughter
  by: Dr. Michael David Arnold, , Source Unknown

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Soon you will be walking on to the court for what may be your last game. It won't be long before the gym will go black as the last flicker of light goes out, and the sounds of applause and cheers will fall as silent as a cool crisp evening in mid January. No more early practices or long hot hours in August spent in the gym hoping for any sign of a breeze to make its way through to cool you off. In that moment I will be there waiting for you.

As we wait for you to be introduced your thoughts turn to the future, mine turn to the past. As you prepare to walk onto the court a young lady I still see the little girl with her backpack on ready for her first day of kindergarten. Eyes full of wonder and hope for everything that would be ahead of you. You put your little hand in mine and I took you to school knowing that from that day on I would play a smaller role in your life. Teachers, coaches and friends would soon see the smile, hear the giggles, and dry your tears. I watched and prayed that God would bring people into your life that cared about you as much as I did.

I remember you heading off with your mom to a mother daughter banquet and being just a little jealous. It seems no one ever thought to have a father daughter banquet. I remember you going to games and watching with anticipation of the day you would be able to play. I often think about the influence they had on your life and if someone is watching you tonight waiting with the same anticipation you had. I recall waiting with butterflies in my stomach to see if you made the junior high team. Then heading out to by just the right pair of shoes that would make you run faster and jump higher.

That same hand that was once so small and a soft voice snap me back to reality. "Dad they are introducing me." "It is time to go." Yes it is time to go. But just one more pause as I look for that little girl in your eyes. There she is. I love you more today than yesterday and I am so proud just to be your dad.

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