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God's Kiss
  by: Lynda, , Source Unknown

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My daughter (now 18) was born with a hemangioma tumor by her eye. At first it was small, and hardly noticeable. At five months, the size of a nickel. Everytime I took her out, people could not hold their comments to themselves. "Who hit her?", "Is that a bug bite?" I never could think of an appropriate response for these people. I was taught to be kind and understanding, and assumed that other people had been taught these attributes. One day I was at the mall, with my 3-year-old son, my daughter, and at this time pregnant with my third child. A woman approached me, I thought here we go again.

She said that God must not have wanted my daughter to leave Him, as he left her with a kiss. She went on to say that babies with these kisses were always surrounded by angels. I was stunned. What a kinder, more loving approach to someone with a problem. My daughter will graduate this year from High School. She is beautiful. Her early years were spent in and out of doctors. Finally the tumor was removed, because it blocked her vision. It is not noticeable except in the bright sun. She spent this year as the dance sterling scholar for our school. She danced for 4 years on our dance/drill team. She had received many scholarships. Her life is wonderful. The woman in the mall made me a better parent. Perhaps, this story will help make someone else a better parent, too.

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