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Main : Life

  by: Nanda, Source Unknown

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There was sudden light and then I saw time coming towards me. In fact he was *running* towards me. I said, "Hey stop and just have a word with me." He replied, "Look my friend, I can't stop for you or anyone else. If you want to have a word with me you will have to run along with me." Before I could ask why, I found I had started running with him.

We ran and ran together, until we lost count of the miles. We ran in the morning, ran in the evening and also ran at night.

Together we saw the most beautiful sites that God ever made.
Together we bared the most painful pains that man ever knew.

Together we bathed in holy waters,
Together we rolled in the mud.

Together we thought the most sinful thoughts
Together we served with blood.

Together we fought the most useless battles
Together we made the most passionate love.

Together we made our first million.
Together we went bust.

Together we got burnt and were left for dead.
Together we rose and stood again.

Together we saw the most selfless acts.
Together we saw the most moving, cruel sights.

Together we lived with fame for long.
Together we played host to shame.

Together we saw the new take birth,
Together we saw the old die away.

Then one day, only I felt old, slow and tired.
But time was still the same - young and fast.

Together we had done everything,
Only together it seemed we won't last.

I asked him will he stop for me now, because I simply couldn't run as fast. "No," he said, "I can't stop for you. I have told you that before. All I can do for you now, is walk instead of run."

I said that will suit me just fine.
Now time and I walk day and night.

Together we see the morning sunrise,
Together we say our bedtime prayers.

Together we go for slow evening walks.
Together we engage the youth in old talks.

Together we act old and mean.
Together we bless the kids all around.

Together we are happy our bills are paid.
Together we search for our missing pills.

All this went for a while.
Then one day there was suddenly a very bright white light.
After that, Time was with me no more.

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