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Main : Death & Dying

Night of Remorse, A
  by: Teresa Hildreth, , Source Unknown

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I had a few drinks, on that late night
"Can I call you a cab?" asked the bartender,
"No," I said "I'm not drunk, not quite."
I stumbled out the door and hopped in my car,
I swerved on the freeway, away from the bar.
You entered the freeway toward home from a friends,
Carefully driving in that lovely Benz.
I didn't see it coming, I should have seen it there,
The path that was before me was no longer there.
I weaved in and out of all of the lanes,
I lost all my judgment then the silence came.
My life changed in an instant and your life was gone,
I knew it was over, it didn't take long.
I was rushed to the hospital and it became clear,
I laid in the ambulance and started to tear.
Where did my life go? I couldn't tell,
I decided that night that I would not dwell.
So I stand here before you on this clear day,
I'd like to trade places, I wish there was a way.
I wish you could walk, I wish you could smile,
I wish you could be here and give birth to your child.
Your life was taken by my mistake,
When I think of you, I start to ache,
I have remorse for what I've done,
I've been to A.A. meetings, I haven't missed one.
I don't live for myself I live in your place,
I stand here now only by Gods grace.
Why it was you, I don't know,
There are so many feelings that I cannot show.
I'm sorry for that night, I'm sorry for tomorrow,
But most of all I'm sorry for the sorrow.
I will think of you each and every day,
I guess "I'm sorry," is all I wanted to say.

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