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We Belong to Him
  by: Caroline Naoroji, , Source Unknown

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It was a beautiful Saturday morning. A perfect morning to go out with family. My sister and I planned to go to Annapolis, MD on a picnic. She came with her husband and children and I went with my husband and son. We all got into the Plymouth Voyager and headed towards Annapolis, singing songs praising the Lord. We had to sing few Nursery Rhymes to keep the children happy.

My brother-in-law, Raj was trying to keep the children entertained by asking them questions about a lot of things. He looked at my son and said, "David come here, I'm going to eat up your ears, I am really hungry,'. My son just smiled at Raj and said , "No! uncle - you can't do that. These were given to me by Jesus."

The noisy van got silent for a moment. Everyone was speechless when they heard the profound statement made by my four-year-old boy.

Children they are so close to God, all we have to do is guide them to Him. They are so faithful to Him. They know that they belong to Him. How I wish we knew the same and stayed faithful to Our Lord. We should remember who we are and make sure that our Body, Soul, and Mind are protected from the evil of the World, for Jesus made us and we belong to HIm.

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