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Main : Life

Spring Surprises
  by: Mary-Ellen Grisham, , Source Unknown

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Sometimes our most carefully laid out plans and projects just don't work out very well. Other times, with little effort, our attempts seem to prosper. I frequently go through elaborate efforts for family gatherings only to find that the unexpected get-togethers are far more fun! With household projects and gardening, I have also experienced this same result: the spontaneous improvisation seems to go better and be more fun.

For years I have tried to plant tulips and daffodils -- with no good results! Last fall a friend at work brought in a huge collection of bulbs for all of us to take. Finally, because no one else took any, I brought both boxes full home. One spring-like day in December about two weeks before Christmas, I took a small scoop and walked around casually turning up soil all over the yard -- in gardens, in borders, here, there, everywhere -- and popping in the bulbs. Of course, I was careful to put the bulbs the right way up and not to get them too deep, but I really did not trouble myself over the task. You guessed it! This spring I have many hearty, healthy, gloriously colored tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths all over the yard! Perhaps these flowers are a gift of love rather than a product of rule-following effort!

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