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Main : Love : Fathers-Children

Wishes and Wants and Ifs, My Child
  by: Roland Ricker, , Source Unknown

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How I wish I could make the world
A happy place for you.
So no matter what you wished for
Your dreams would all come true.

And I wish I could make the world
A safe one for you too.
So that no matter where you went
No harm could come to you.

And I would like to make the world
A loving one for you.
So you were loved by those you love
And they were ever true.

And if only I could mend each hurt
With just a word or two,
I'd mend them all so readily
To make you good as new.

But my wishes and wants and ifs
Are things I can not guarantee.
There's just one thing I'm certain of-
You have my love eternally.

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