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Main : Success

You've Got to Ask
  by: Neil Eskelin, Source Unknown

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A salesman for a new wheel-balancing machine visited an auto repair store in Sacramento and gave the manager, Ted Stevens, a demonstration.

"Isn't it a great machine?" asked the salesman. "Yes it is," answered Stevens.

"It would be a great investment and a great time-saver, wouldn't it?"


Don't you think every garage ought to have one?" the salesman asked.

"Yes," replied Stevens.

"Well, why don't you buy it?"

Ted replied, "Why donít you ask me to?"

The salesman may have known everything about his wheel balancer, but he needed to ask for the order.

Success in sales takes more than self-confidence, belief in your product and a concern for people. You've got to tell people exactly what you expect from them.

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