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Main : Work

Not My Boss
  by: Melissa Knapp, , Source Unknown

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I've heard the phrase "All boss's are jerks" several times through out my life. Granted I've agreed with that statement once or twice during my working years. But over all that is not how I feel about my present boss.

My mother and I work in the same plant together. She's been there almost twenty years. I've been there less than ten. It was in 1990, my senior year in high school, that I realized what kind of man this boss was.

My grandmother, my mom's mother, past away the morning of February 19, 1990. It was a very unexpected death that traumatized the family. Of course, everyone in the family missed a days work or school that day, and the day of the funeral. My mother was unable to work that week. Before that following Monday, my now present boss, called gave his condolences, and told my mother not to worry about work. Take as many weeks off that she needed. He would still pay her regardless, and her job would be waiting. He sent flowers, and he also had a platter of food sent to our home.

Now I, not yet enrolled in the work force, took the time to look closer at what this man did. That year he paid her for five weeks of personal time, three weeks for my grandmother's death, and two weeks normal vacation. He was kind to send flowers and food.

From this I grew a deep respect for this man. He did the extra that was not asked of him, nor expected. I'll be the first to admit that I don't always agree with his way of thinking, but that in no way has dwindled the respect that I have for him. So when I hear that phrase "All boss's are jerks." I just smile and say "Not my boss".

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