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Main : Life

Valuable Lessons
  by: Karen Curavoo, , Source Unknown

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I have had many benefits as well as many struggles and challenges as a result of my career as a professional armwrestler. Meeting celebrities, television appearances and the feeling of winning world championships might appear to be on the top of ones benefit list, but they don't top mine anymore. My list begins with a newly found appreciation of my good fortune. This discovery has made a tremendous impact on my life.

I took growing up in Weybridge for granted as I knew of no other existence. It wasn't until I traveled the world that I discovered that there is truly no place like home or no place I would rather live. The peacefulness and beauty is only surpassed by the people here. People that truly care about their neighbors.

Through my travels I also gained a tremendous appreciation for the quality of life I have here. All of my experiences around the country and around the world as well as being with the hungry and sick children in India and trying to imagine how their mother feels, changed me in an unforgettable way.

Now each time I lift a barbell my mind focuses on what I might learn next.

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