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You Make Me Smile
  by: Miriam Campo, , Source Unknown

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You came into my life
Much like a surprise
Never expected to find
Such a wonderful guy

Every time I see you, you make me smile
You share your laughter, your silliness, yourself
You bring me closer to you if only for a while

A true friend you have become
Time and time you prove that to be
Whenever a shoulder I need
Yours is the first that I see.

Every time I hear from you, you make me smile
You always seem to know the words I need to hear
And before I know it my laughter is roaring and my frown disappeared.

My friendship as you know
Is yours for eternity
Regardless of the future
That lies ahead for thee.

Every time I think of you, a smile comes on to me
For I see the blessing I've received
When God sent you to befriend me.

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