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Main : Life

  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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A man walked down on a street where there's a big sign with a very big letter said ... 'BE CAREFUL, WATER HOLES RENOVATION'

He read and smile, then ... BANG !!! Hardly he had to pull out his right leg from the hole. Someone watching this happened and tought how blind that man. A few second there's another man came along, and again, he read the same sign. The 'watching man' walked, to get closed and wishpered him "be careful buddy!" then the man passed the street succesfully.

Maybe we tought that it's ridiculous what the 'watching man' did. He sweat himself by warning people to watch their steps whom surely read the sign. But we'll never know... it's reality, this is the world we lived. Everyone's already known right or wrong, there's a big sign ... and yes very big one! but still some of us need that kind of whispering for guiding our steps. Here we are, ready to walk in new year ahead and let me whispered you one thing "love always ridiculous!"...

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