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Main : Religions & Spirituality : Christianity

  by: Author Unknown, Source Unknown

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Prayer comes from a restless heart
Listen To its flare

Prayer is a longing of our true home
Follow its lead

Prayer is like a garden
Tend it so it'll grow and yield to harvest

Prayer can be done in many ways
Do it your way

Always pray, yet schedule a special time
Spirit is just like body, needs regular exercise

Make your prayer short
Love needs little words

Pray where ever you are
God is everywhere

If you want something, ask to yourself
Do I want what God wants ?
God wants your true kindness

If your prayer becomes dry and ordinary, just go on
Dry land parry the come of rain

Take your anger in your prayer
Hot metal can be shaped

If you sin and keep falling, pray
God still love you

Pray if you are worry
Prayer make everything thinkable and considerable soundly
If in some cause you can not pray, just relax

The will to pray is the prayer itself
If prayer leads you to risk, be brave

God will support you
If you feel sad or sorry, just cry

Tears is the prayer from the heart
If you dislike somebody, pray for him

Prayer disclose the hidden God
If you receive bad news, be strong

Prayer will lighten you
If illness, age, sorrow or worry ruin your consentration, just relax
God is an understanding friend

If prayer make you passive ang ignorant, it surely not prayer
True prayer will harvest care and service

Use quite moments to pray
Quiteness draws you to the Great One

Use noisy moments to pray
Commotion is the sound of creation looking for God

Pray if you feel lonely
Prayer make you accompanied by angels

If life feels cruel and unfair, keep praying
God is the reason, not the cause

If your heart full of greatfullness, keep it that way
The spirit of God is praying inside you

If you are enthrall in front of a mistery, just let it be
The spirit of God is praying inside you

Embrace the whole world in your prayer
Peace depend on it

Pray in your sleep
Sleep is prayer from human who feels safe in God's love

Praying is breathing
Do it deeply and you'll be filled with life

If you start to feel advance in prayer life, think again
God's life is deeper than feeling and experience

Prayer is the base of what we do
He is just a prayer away

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