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Promise in Silence
  by: Yuli, Source Unknown

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Torn off ... the holy coat
Stained with great insult ... the glorious shield
Fallen too deep in dark valeey
Returned into the sinful life

Being judged and rejected again
Finding the forgotten hope of life
Recalling those wonderful precious moments
Longing so much for the warm love and hugs

Father ... please forgive me (again)
whom betrayed You again
whom crucified You on the cross again
whom fell in sin again

Regretful tears bursting out
Back on my knees pleading for Your Mercy
Humbly bow down asking for Your Grace
Father ... please accept my repentance (again)

Thousands promises bloom in silence
To start a new day with You
Guide and lead me always, Father
To always keep this promise in silence
"I really love You, Father ... "

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