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Belief in God
  by: Bruno Hagspiel, The Millennium Stories by Frank Mihalic

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There was a well-educated man who solemnly announced to his friends that he would never believe anything which he could not understand.

An old farmer overheard the remark, turned to the young intellectual and said, "As I went into town today, I passed a field where some sheep were feeding. Do you believe that?" "Yes," said the young man. "Not far away from the sheep some cows were also grazing. Do you believe that?" "Yes," was the reply. "Not far from the cows were some pigs eating grass. Do you believe that?" "Yes." "All right, now you listen to this," said the farmer. "The grass the sheep ate turned into wool. The grass the cows ate turned into hair. The grass the pigs ate turned into bristles. The grass that the chicken eat turned into feathers. Do you believe that?" "Yes," the young man said. "Do you understand it?" "No," admitted the young man.

"Young man," said the farmer, "if you live long, you will find that there are a great many things which you believe without understanding. God is one of them."

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