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Main : Love

Little Things
  by: James "PoppyK" Kisner, , Source Unknown

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It was the middle of the night... and she stirred from her sleep, She quietly got out of bed... and did not make a peep. She sits in total darkness now... and thinks about her man, The little things he does for her... to lend a helping hand.

He helps her all around the house... and never makes a mess, He says it gives her extra time... and her work will be less. She loves him for his thoughtfulness... he does it on his own, He said he wants to make sure that... she never has to moan.

He says it's really easy... and he says he'll never fail, And promised her that he would never... ever leave a trail. He said his mother taught him... not to clutter all his life, She also told him, "Don't you ever... do it to your wife!"

So she has benefited... from a son who was well taught, But all those little things... just magnify her love she thought. She loved him from the day they met... and loves him more each day, But all the little extra things... sure help along the way.

She sits and thinks of other things... that many overlook, Like cleaning his own coffee cup... and hanging it on the hook. Or when he snacks on TV night... with friends who have all come, When it's over and they leave... there's not one single crumb.

When it's play night with the kids... it seems a storm took place, Games and toys strung all around... a pillow was third base. But when she tucks the kids in bed... when play night reached the end, She never makes it back before... the place is clean again.

She loves him so much for the way... he shows his love to her, There is no doubt how much he loves her... this she knows for sure. And she can't help but love his ways... and her love grows for him, And he won't change his little things... it's how he's always been.

She loves his thoughtfulness to her... and this is one of them, She thinks while sitting in the darkness... half asleep again. It's just a little something that... to some may bring a frown, But the man, she so adores... puts the seat back down.

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