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Main : Life

Nature's Gift To Me
  by: Dee Ann E. L. Horvath, , Source Unknown

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The first snow fall's elation has long past The gray dreary days of winter seem to last and last I miss the warmth of the sun on my skin And the smell in the air when Spring begins

As I linger in bed this damp and chilly morn In my mind I pretend that spring has dawned That the weeks have gone by and Winter has ended I dream I get up and peer out my window

The grass is so green and lush under my bare feet While birds are all in a rush to start their next fleet Of minstrels who will sing away the chill Rejuvenating my soul and giving my heart a thrill

A kaleidoscope of flowers to titillate my senses Almost blinding my eyes with their brilliant colors Filling my nose with their aromatic odors Perfuming my skin as I bathe in the sunshine

The mild breeze blowing through my hair Making me feel like I don't have a care Except to be pleasured by the gifts on this season The blue soft skies up above me and the sweet smelling earth below

In between I am sandwiched, renewed and all a glow Winter is beautiful with its white and fluffy blanket of snow But I am fickle and I love variation Like all humans I get wearied

I love all four seasons with each one comes a reason But now it is Spring that I need Impatient as always and excited indeed For nature and its miracles is a gift to me!

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